Cleveland’s Championship Parade Gives Those With Court Dates A Free Absence Pass


Anyone who had a court date Wednesday (June 22) in Cleveland can call in “sick” but just for today.

The Cleveland Cavalier’s historic win in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors provided the city their first NBA title in 52 years. Considering this win is also the city’s first title in any major sport in years, the Cleveland Municipal Court is feeling super friendly. According to, defendants and other parties who were scheduled to be in court today are receiving a free “miss your court date” pass to attend the Championship parade.

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In light of the monstrous occasion that’s set to take place in the city’s downtown Tuesday (June 22) at 11am, the municipal judge states that those who don’t show up in court today will not be issued warrants.

In Monday’s (June 21) news release, the Presiding Judge Ronald B. Adrine stated, “Given the historic nature of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Championship victory, it is only right and proper that the Cleveland Municipal Court facilitate an opportunity for our employees and those who use the Cleveland Municipal Court’s facilities to join with the rest of Northeast Ohio and the Cavaliers’ nation for the celebratory parade scheduled to take place tomorrow.”

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Given the magnitude of this victory, this seems like a pretty good idea.