Courtney Rashon Discusses New Book ‘Giving Face: The Art To Looking Flawless for Every Occasion’


A triple threat as a writer, television host and entrepreneur, Courtney Rashon is kind of a big deal. A former writing contributor at Labels Magazine, she’s currently a contributor to Shive Magazine where she focuses on trends, shares beauty tips and gives her two cents about hip-hop culture.

In addition to being an editorial contributor to their online site, Rashon is also a television correspondent on “What’s The 411″ program that appears on cable TV in New York City.

Her new book, “GIVING FACE: The Art To Looking Flawless for Every Occasion” that drops Wednesday (June 1), covers a wide range of topics and gives detailed instruction on makeup applications and techniques that apply to every occasion in someone’s life. Available as an E-book and via print at and Barnes and Noble stores, Rashon discusses makeup tips and tricks as well as things that are considered tacky. “The book is fun, humorous and informative,” Rashon told VIBE via phone. “It isn’t your typical makeup book. I speak to the reader as if I am he or she’s personal beauty expert and friend. It can also purchased on my my website at as well.”

VIBE caught up with Rashon to get the exclusive on what’s going on in her world and the impending release of her new book.

VIBE: Why should people go out and buy it?
Courtney Rashon: This book is for everyone! I have chapters in the book that apply to everyday life scenarios involving makeup, cosmetics, grooming, and beauty over all. There is even a chapter titled “HIM” for the guys. Overall, the information in the book will help and guide you when you’re uncertain about beauty looks and what is and what isn’t appropriate for every occasion.

Where did you draw your experiences from to write the book?
Rashon: My experiences came from my own real life situations involving beauty and other people who I know that have had beauty horror stories or needed advice on technique, application and makeup looks. As a beauty expert, it was important to share my beauty advice and knowledge with the world.

Coming from a successful background and specifically being the sister of a successful producer in Timbaland, what did you learn along the way?
Rashon: I learned that anything in life is attainable if you have passion, persistence and patience. Hard work and loving what you do is a beautiful and dynamic combination. It makes it all worth it! Networking and utilizing your resources is key. Being prepared is a must!

What makeup tips can you give ladies for the summer?
Rashon: Heavy contouring is out! It’s all about strobing! Red lips, bronze skin, blue and peach hues on eyes and false lashes are the hottest looks right now.

You’re on television, you run a makeup line and you’re an author, how do you manage to juggle all of the hats you wear?
Rashon: I try to make sure that I dedicate enough time to each one. #prettygirlgangcosmetics™ is my baby. Since the line is six months old, it’s still in the infant stages so that takes up most of my time. What’s the 411 is taped once a week and we have scheduled meetings, conference calls and deadlines so I know what to expect. My book will be the most challenging of the three because of tours and appearances. Managing everything can be hard and it has moments where I become overwhelmed and exhausted but I love it at the end of the day. I created a blog called LUXE & LIFESTYLE which will be featured on my website The content will mostly be excerpts from chapters in my book. For the first series of entries, I will be traveling around the world visiting spas, discussing and experiencing beauty treatments and doing tutorials. It’s cool because the viewers will get to see everything live so it’s like you’re actually there with me.

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