David Banner Was Arrested In A Bar Altercation

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It seems like David Banner’s words pack a mean punch. The “Black Fist” rapper was escorted out of a bar and lounge in Washington D.C. in handcuffs after he exchanged a couple of unkind words with the club bouncer, and the worst part is, it was all caught on video.

Someone almost had to call World Star, but luckily it didn’t get too out of control. It all started after someone in Banner’s crew got denied entry in to D.C.’s Ozio Restaurant & Lounge earlier on June 12, according to TMZ. But Banner didn’t take the news very well, and aggressively approached the bouncer.

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“I got you n*****, I got you. You a sellout n*****. I got money,” he yelled ferociously as he engaged in a standoff with a member of security. He also allegedly threw money and credit cards during the exchange, but that was not captured on camera. When the responding officers arrived, Banner still didn’t back down. “I don’t give a f*** about no police!”

…and then he got arrested.

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The “My Uzi” rapper won’t be doing any hard time; he just got hit with a ticket and fine for inciting a fight.” But since David clearly has money, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Check out David Banner getting pretty heated with a bouncer in the video below.

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