Plot Twist: Desiigner Has Only Been To Atlanta’s International Airport


Desiigner, the Brooklyn rapper and 2016 XXL Freshman class member, has had the whole country claiming they’ve “got broads in Atlanta” thanks to his number-one hit, “Panda.”

However, during a recent interview with Billboard, the bourgeoning artist admits has never been to Atlanta, so he’s never formerly met any young women who resides there. In fact, during a Genius interview, he adds he’s only been as far as the state’s international airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. But the inspiration for the song comes from a girl whom he sparked a Facebook-exclusive relationship with.

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“We never met in person,” he says of the special lady. “She just said she was from ATL, so I was like, ‘All right, I got broads in Atlanta.’ It’s real life, you feel me? I put real-life s**t in my songs.”

In the interview, Desiigner also comments on those rampant comparisons to real-life ATLien, Future, and the criticism that he’s faced by having unmistakable similarities to the Purple Reign musician.

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“Nothing bothers me [about the criticism],” he says. “It’s my funk, it’s my style.”

We don’t think that the fable of Desiigner having “broads in Atlanta” will hurt the song’s success in any way, as it currently sits at the number two spot on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart.

It’s just…now our whole life is a lie.

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