Donald Trump Praises Ali After Months Of Proposing A Nationwide Muslim Ban


The passing of activist, icon and boxing legend Muhammad Ali has been devastating on fans the world over. The titan of a man who earned three championships, electrified crowds and galvanized people of color with his unwavering confidence, also became one of the most prominent American Muslims.

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Last December, President Obama made a small reference to Ali and other famous American Muslim athletes during a speech about ISIS and national security, which prompted the presumptive Republican presidential nominee to question who Obama was speaking about.

Twitter quickly corrected the 69-year-old by reminding him of Ali, Kareem-Abdul Jabar and Shaquille O’Neal.

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Since Ali’s passing, Trump–who’s been photographed with the champ on several occasions–took to Twitter to sing the 74 year old’s praises.

Many online raised an eyebrow when Trump Tweeted about the boxing legend’s death, due to his proposed ban on Muslims entering the country.

Some say Trump was being respectful of the icon’s death, while others think Trump was being disrespectful and a hypocrite. What say you?