A Study Concludes That Drake Is Worth Billions In Toronto


The Toronto Star, one of Canada’s largest online news websites, conducted a study led by number-crunching marketing agency ZenithOptimedia to see how much the 6’s favorite son, Drake, is worth to their city. Turns out, he’s worth more than you think.

Thanks to his advertising and marketing genius, his album sales, his 32.5 million Twitter, 23 million Instagram followers and public appearances, Drake is worth a cool $3 billion up north.

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“The figure was calculated by reasoning that, in order for the city of Toronto to buy that kind of exposure, it would cost an estimated $300 million in advertising,” a report for the figure reveals. “They then multiplied that $300 million figure by 10 because of Drake’s endorsements and the fact that he is considered an A-list celebrity.”

“We knew there was a value to what he was doing, but we hadn’t put a dollar figure on that, but I guess we’ve seen that the price of cool is priceless,” says Toronto City Councillor Michael Thompson.

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We’re glad Drake’s Canadian patriotism is showing in such a positive way.