A New York City Man Steals Over $800 Worth Of Toothpaste From Duane Reade


This sounds like a possible episode of My Strange Addiction.

According to DNA Info, a thief is still at large after stealing over $800 worth of toothpaste from a New York City-based Duane Reade.

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Located in the Columbus Circle section of Manhattan, the unidentified assailant entered the store around 11:30 a.m. earlier this month and stacked his basket with an estimate of 135 boxes of toothpaste. Given that there was no security personnel present, the thief managed to get away with the items.

Unfortunately, the same Duane Reade store got nabbed for “44 assorted toothbrushes valued at $1,678″ back in April, the site states.

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In September 2015, another mega-chain, CVS, was robbed of 262 toothbrushes at a Staten Island-based store, amounting to over $1,200 in lost profits.