Eminem Invests In The Sneaker Stock Market With His New Partnership With StockX


Eminem’s appreciation for sneakers has manifested into a booming business after reaching a new deal with sneaker imprint StockX. The Detroit-based company provides sneaker fiends with a place to find high-demand shoe products and allows them the ability to invest in limited-edition items.

“Sneakers have always been a huge interest of mine, for at least as long as I’ve been rapping,” Marshall Mathers said. “I’m proud of the fact that I’ve had so many collaborations with Nike and Jordan Brand. I really like the fact that sneakers are a big part of what StockX is doing. When I found out that they happen to be doing it from downtown Detroit, it made even more sense to get involved.”

StockX acts as a live marketplace that “allows buyers to place bids, sellers to place asks, and execute a trade when the seller’s ask price meets with a buyer’s bid.” In the portfolio section, users can add every rare, limited, or expensive item and invest in it. The portfolio also provides users with an exact calculation of how much an entire collection is worth with specific details to back up the numbers along with charts and graphs to help visualize where each investment goes.

Sounds like a great investment for any organized, sneaker junkie. To make the partnership even sweeter, StockX is giving away three extremely rare prize packages:

· Grand Prize: Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhartt (priceless; pairs have sold for as much as $30,000)

· Second Prize: Yeezy Boost Pack – Yeezy Boost 350, 750 and 950 (approximate value $3,000)

· Third Prize: Jordan 1 Pack – Jordan 1 Retro Bred 2013, Retro Chicago 2015, Retro UNC, Retro Family Forever and Retro LA (approximate value $1,750)

Sneaker heads, ff your eyes are still wide and watering from this wild deal, then give in to your addiction and find out more about the giveaway here.

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