Erykah Badu Brings Back Sara Bellum In New Video With Robert Glasper


Back in May, Robert Glasper dropped a remake of Miles Davis’ 70s hit, “Maiysha” featuring none other than fellow Houston native, Erykah Badu. Now the video has been released.

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Badu penned the lyrics as well as wrote and directed the visual accompaniment to this smooth record. Sara Bellum, one of Badu’s many personas, makes her appearance as a mercurial beatnik singer and Glasper plays her unnamed and annoyed boyfriend and bandmate.

The video starts off with Bellum giving a very interesting skit performance in her dressing room before Glasper breaks it up so that the band can do a live performance of the song.

“Maiysha (So Long)” will appear on Glasper’s upcoming album, Everything’s Beautiful. Watch Bellum and Glasper in action below.