Here’s How T.I. Reacted To A Fan Who Tried To Kiss Him


A female fan was forced to take an L from T.I. over the weekend.

While walking through a crowd of people after the BET Awards, T.I. encountered a moment with a crazed fan that he’ll probably never forget.

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Enthused and in a good mood after the award show, T.I. smiled and dapped up a male fan in the midst of all that was going on around him. The rapper was hit left field right after with two palms on his cheeks, as a female fan came in for a kiss.

Mr. Harris pulled back, ensuring not to come in contact with the woman’s lips.

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Thank God for his bodyguard on his right, who was able to hold down the situation.

Watch T.I.’s priceless reaction to this awkward situation and his comment on twitter below.

Mr.Harris has some swift reflexes. He saves his kisses for his Mrs.

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