Gina Rodriguez Marvel’s Next Miss America?


A Latin-American LGBT named America Chávez – a second Miss America – first appeared in Vengeance #1 in 2011. With a possible future as a key character in the Marvel Universe, fans begin to advocate for the person they want to see most as the human version of the interdimensional butt-kicker.

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It all started on Twitter, when one @winterchildrens posted a picture collage of America Chávez juxtaposed with Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez.

The suggestion to make Rodriguez Marvel’s choice adult avenger resonated with more than one. A slew of retweets and cosigns followed soon thereafter, including one from Gina herself!

CREDIT: Twitter

Can’t deny it. We’re keen on Rodriguez living out the role of such a kickass woman. The 31-year-old Boricua, after all, is a real life hero to many as a Latina who’s steadily breaking barriers and challenging standards in Hollywood.

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Will Marvel take heed to her fans’ plea? Only time will tell.