This Song Perfectly Reminds Us How Much We Need A Frank Ocean Album


It’s almost July and another month has gone by without us knowing much about Frank Ocean’s next project. This has only made fans more anxious and hangry for new music.

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Take popular funny gal Abby Jasmine, who created a cover to “Novacane ” in an effort to get Frank’s attention. “I think you started something, it’s been about four years so when the album coming, my kids gon have kids by the time that you drop it stupid, what are you doing?” she sings.

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So what is Frank doing? Fans believe the Grammy winner has taken a break from the music to start med school. On Tuesday (June 28) photos were seen of the singer in scrubs, causing pure panic.

No worries guys. As Fader points out, the outfit stems from his cameo in High 5 Collective’s video for Frank’s jam, “Thinking About You,” where the singer played a nurse.

Now let’s continue to wait patiently for Frank to come around, shall we?

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