The Internet Believes Frank Ocean Is Releasing His Sophomore Album Tomorrow


One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned as humans is to never believe everything you read. What “they” forgot to tell you is that you shouldn’t believe what brand new Twitter accounts say about Frank Ocean’s new album.

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On Wednesday (June 1), Twitter account @SnatchedBops made Ocean fans weep when they announced the singer’s highly anticipated and untitled album would drop on Friday (June 3). After 24 hours filled with hysteria, several other outlets have reported the news based off this simple tweet.

Some of their other inaugural tweets included news of a remix to Beyonce’s “Sorry” by Drake and a new Eminem album featuring Ariana Grande this September.

With no real sources, it looks like this is another rumor that just went clear off the rails on Twitter.

Reportedly, there are only a handful of people that have heard the album including Chance The Rapper, James Blake, noted producer Malay and the Ocean’s mother.

During an interview with Complex, Chance praised the singer for his work ethic. “I am good friends with Frank. His new album is amazing,” he said. “No-one is really able to find Frank when Frank goes away, literally no-one, not just publications. I know he’s away making a masterpiece. I think that Frank is very, very focused on his catalog. Anything that you hear him on that’s a feature was recorded a long time ago… I don’t think Frank is working on anyone’s stuff except for his own.”

James Blake also told Pitchfork and Rolling Stone  he’s heard the album and claimed, “He is onto something, he really is.”

If only we know what that something actually was. Time can only tell. VIBE also reached out to the Twitter account via email about their questionable post.

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