Freddie Gibbs Granted Bail In Reported Rape Case


Gary, Ind., rapper Freddie “Kane” Gibbs, was arrested on June 4, right before he got a chance to perform for his fans overseas, in Toulouse, France. The rapper is being held for alleged rape charges, stemming from an incident that occurred in Austria in 2015.

Following the rape case, Freddie was granted bail today (June 16), and might be released either today or tomorrow. Bail is set for $56,000, The Fader reports.

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Gibbs’ lawyer, Scott Leemon, states, “Freddie Gibbs adamantly denies the allegations that have been levied against by Austrian authorities. It makes you wonder why it took almost a year for Austrian officials to bring these charges.”

Freddie will make his next appearance in the French court on June 23, where a ruling on his extradition will be issued.

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