Ghostface Killah Could Be Leading The Next Wu-Tang Album


In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, legendary rapper Ghostface Killah — and original member of the Wu-Tang Clan — announced that he will be leading the charge for the group’s next album. “RZA put the ball in my hand. He said ‘Yo, I want you to do it,’ and I been wanting to do it, and that’s a big test for me right there.”

Wu-Tang’s first album, Enter the 36 Chambers, was released in 1993, and heavily influenced by kung-fu, Buddhist philosophy, light-adaptations of the Nation of Islam street preaching, and comic books. The group’s members have all released independent projects since that first album, and have periodically reunited throughout the years to produce 5 group albums.

Ghostface Killah, now 46, has established himself as a stand-alone lyricist with his first album, Iron Man, in 1996. He has also created his own comic book, 36 Seasons, in which he returns to his hometown of Staten Island after 9 years, seeking consolation. With Supreme Clientele 2 in the works, Ghost can add leadership of Wu-Tang’s musical direction to his resume.

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When asked who he’d put on the album in addition to the core group, Ghost answered:

“I mean when we do this, we don’t got to bring nobody in. Unless there’s somebody that’s already out with a strong name or a good voice that would be good. I learned to not be selfish. People know us. We got 10 people in the goddamn group. But you could still use different guys as different instruments — I look at people’s voices as instruments that complement the track and make it sound good. When I do my Supreme Clientele 2, I might want a Rick Ross or [Mobb Deep’s] P and Havoc because the beat calls for it like that. Who might sound good on this? It’s like you never know until you put it together.”

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