Your Favorite Celebrities Pay Tribute To Immigrants In Touching PSA


Welcome US gathered a bevy of today’s most iconic celebrities for a campaign aimed at honoring the varied immigrants historically woven into the cultural fabric of America.

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The video is released just in time for Immigration Heritage Month, and features the faces and voices of Lupita Nyong’o, Rosario Dawson, Akon, Miguel, Wilmer Valderrama and many more. They each take time to expound on the impact immigration has had on the U.S.

“The notion of America not supporting immigrants to me is absurd. When you look at look at history, America was built on immigrants,” Akon says in the PSA, while Dawson lists a number of their contributions. “You can trace back from trains being built, cities and industries being developed because of different influxes of people who came in. It’s incredible to still be a part of a culture that’s still living.”

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Sporting “I Am An Immigrant” tees, they inspire us to join the tide as they themselves proudly acknowledge their immigrant parents and roots.