Ian Connor Reportedly Shames Sexual Assault Victims During Twitter Rant


A third accuser has come forward publically, claiming she was allegedly raped by fashion designer Ian Connor, just after sexual battery charges against him were reportedly dropped in Georgia.

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Radar Online reports the charges brought against the 23-year-old by Emory University student Malika Anderson were subsequently dropped due to lack of evidence in the case. Anderson brought the alleged rape to light in a blog post in April. Speaking with Complex the same month, Anderson believed the case would be dropped after the police faced several roadblocks to get in touch with Connor.

“Then they tried to call Ian again to ask him again about coming in for questioning,” she says. “But when they called him again, the number had been disconnected. So either he blocked it or he changed the number, I don’t even know. And then after [the detective] said that, he said, ‘Well, you know, unless you have any evidence, and we can’t force him to come in for questioning, then there’s not much else we can do right now, and the case is likely to be closed. It can be reopened if somebody else comes up, but if you don’t have anything else to give us, then there’s not anything else we can do.’”

Connor denied the allegations against Anderson and singer Jean Deaux, who claimed she was sexually assaulted. The Chicago native also blogged about the incident in support of Anderson.

Now, 19-year-old Kadiata Diallo tells The Daily Mail she was raped by Connor when she was 16. The New York native says she was a virgin and the incident happened during their second encounter. “He said, “Why did you come here if you’re not going to do anything with me?” I just thought we were going to be hanging out,’ Diallo said. “I wasn’t ready to lose my virginity. I was saying no but he was pressurizing me. The whole way home I was crying. I lost my virginity to someone I had just met and I did not even want to have sex with him.”

Diallo says she didn’t file a report out of fear that no one would believe her.

On Wednesday (June 1,) Conner took to Twitter to defend himself while shaming the women in the process. Some of the tweets were deleted by Connor including a claim one of the victims had a STD, because misogyny.

Anderson has not responded the news of the reported dropped case.

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