Illinois Man Files $50,000 Lawsuit Against Teen For Playing ‘Ding Dong Ditch’


Remember ringing random doorbells with your friends then running before you got caught?

Well the fun childhood game of ding dong ditch within your neighborhood has left a teenager with an outlandish consequence.

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Illinois State Farm insurance agent, John Wright, has retaliated, and filed a $50,000 lawsuit against 14-year-old Brennan Papp, who has constantly been ringing his home doorbell, the New York Daily News reports. Wright claims Papp’s actions were intentional, and he specifically chose his home knowing he worked with his father, Rick Papp.

According to the lawsuit, Wright “suffered severe emotional distress, severe anxiety, sleeplessness, extreme and rapid weight loss, and required treatment medication in order to function in his daily living,” as a result of Brennan’s repetitive actions.

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The lawsuit also states the game caused Wright’s loss of $30,000 in income, but doesn’t state how.

Brennan will be fighting the case in court with his parents, who are also listed as defendants in the case.

This isn’t the first ding dong ditch incident that resulted in an upshot outcome this year.

Cole Peyton, a 14-year-old boy living in Oklahoma, was playing ding dong ditch with two friends on New Year’s Day in his neighborhood when one of the homeowners came out and started shooting. What the homeowner believed was a home invasion was actually a prank. One bullet struck Peyton in his arm and another pierced his liver.

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