Ex-Indiana University Frat Boy Gets Probation & A Day In Jail For 2 Rape Cases


A former Indiana University frat boy was sentenced to a year of probation after reaching a plea deal in two rape cases. John Enochs was sentenced last Thursday (June 23) after pleading guilty to a lesser charge of misdemeanor battery.

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Enochs, 22, spent one day in jail for the incidents, the most recent of which occurred last year. A woman claims he held her down and raped her at a Delta Tau Delta party in April 2015.  The victim also suffered lacerations to her genitals.

According to WXIN-TV  Enochs was recorded walking into a room with the victim and leaving 24 minutes later.

Enochs was tied to the second alleged assault, which occurred in 2013, through DNA evidence. However, the victim in that case didn’t give enough evidence to support the allegations, and photos were found that reportedly damaged the credibility of her story.

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The Monroe County Prosecutors Office expressed frustration over the dropped rape charges in a statement explaining that the case presented “a very unusual set of circumstances in that we had two unrelated accusations” that were two years apart.

“That was an important consideration in our initial decision to charge,” the statement continues. “However, under the law, a jury considering one case would not be allowed to know about the other. After the case(s) was filed, evidence continued to be developed that lead us to the conclusion that neither case, standing alone, presented sufficient evidence to prove rape.”