Interview: ‘Flying Bach’ Brings Classical Music & Breakdancing Together For A Unique Experience

As hip-hop continues to hit new milestones and break barriers across the world, Berlin’s b-boy crew, Flying Steps, are out to lead a new wave of dancers.

Late last month, team members Benny, Ana, Vartan and Gengis hit the iconic Masonic venue in San Francisco for their grand debut of Flying Bach 2016 on the West Coast. Partnering with Red Bull, the German squad mixes the music of Bach with breakdancing for one captivating showcase of raw talent and skill.

The sounds of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier” was reworked in a way that brings hip-hop together with classical music. VIBE was in attendance on opening night to witness the thrilling adaptation of one of the composer’s most cherished works. The walls between high society and hip-hop culture were broken down as the story about six dancers and one teacher, rehearsing for their big day, came to life before our very eyes.

Throughout all the onstage arguments, laughs, fights and surprises, the movements from the Flying Steps creates a unique story line that doesn’t need words to grab you. The combination of visual excitement and audible bliss is like no other musical on the planet. Right before the big show, VIBE spoke to the F.S. members about their moving production.

Click through to the gallery ahead to hear from Benny, Ana, Vartan and Gengis.