Jamila Woods’ “Blk Girl Soldier” Music Video IS EVERYTHING


Jamila Woods is out to share more than just beautiful notes with her music. The singer/songwriter wants to move people and uplift women all around the world.Her new video, “Blk Girl Solider,” channels all of her inner goddess and helps spread self-love in the black community.

“The goal of the ‘Blk Girl Solider’ video is to lift up the Black women throughout history and today who inspire me and who are doing brilliant artistic and activist work. Knowing my history and what my people have survived before me has made me stronger,” Woods told Complex.

Starring in the video are two young women who are out to help carry the torch that Jamila has passed on to them. “I wanted to celebrate the power and resilience of Black women but also highlight the importance of allowing space for more quiet, vulnerable moments where we can refuel ourselves and each other,” she adds.

Watch the official “Blk Girl Soldier” music video below.