Football Phenomenon Jim Brown Salutes Cleveland Cavaliers And LeBron James


It has been 52 years since the city of Cleveland has earned the championship title. Football legend Jim Brown’s 1964 championship triumph playing with the Cleveland Browns against the Baltimore Colts was the last time one of the cities major pro teams won a championship.

Tables have since turned for the better, with Lebron James leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the 2016 NBA Championship.

“In the end, it’s great to win this way,” Brown said. “They could’ve easily given up and got on a criticism binge. But they stayed with the team and they stayed with the Browns and they’ve been rewarded. I think it’s a great day for Cleveland. It’s a great day for me.”

Lebron James brought home the NBA Finals MVP trophy for a third year in a row, changing the culture of losing in the city.

Lebron and the Cavs’ determination to win the championship title has brought forth the meaning of purpose. Their drive and dedication to the game of basketball showed they are undefeatable and in it to win it. They will continue their celebration tomorrow (June 22), downtown Cleveland. Brown will partake in the festivities and will have a message for Lebron when he sees him.

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“From one athlete to another, I know what it takes for him to do what he did,” said Brown. “He went to another level physically and mentally, and I will let him know that I recognize that. And that’s very rare for any athlete, however great they are. He went someplace that very few athletes go.”

During the Cleveland Browns 2016 Alumni Week, Jim Brown will be honored with a statue of his image. This statue will be given in recognition of the impact he’s made for Cleveland, the Browns team, and the NFL. The statue will be placed on the southeast corner of the FirstEnergy Stadium.

Some may say the statue is long overdue for Brown, as the NFL announced Brown’s first replica on his 80th birthday, but Brown says Lebron better get a statue for his accomplishments to the city as well.

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“[Cavs owner Dan] Gilbert is going to give him a statue. He’d better give him a statue. That young man put out so much blood, sweat and tears it’s unbelievable. He gave up his life,” he said. “He could’ve had a heart attack he was playing so hard. So they’d better give him a statue. That’s the least they could do. [He’s] a young man who has taken responsibility on every level – community, family, team, organization, city – and he’s done it with grace. He’s carried himself well. He has bitten the bullet many times, and it’s paid off for him. His legacy is set, and I’m so happy for him.”