Jim Jones Says Max B Could’ve Been Like Drake


Had his life turned out differently, Max B could’ve easily reached Drake status, says Jim Jones.

In an interview with Rap Radar’s podcast, Jones discussed Max B’s 75-year prison sentence, and squashing their beef.

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Jones signed the now incarnated rapper to his BrydGang Records imprint in 2008, but they fell out after Max B left the label. He later linked with French Montana to push the Coke Boys crew.

However, the Diplomat doesn’t have any ill feelings towards his former artist. “I don’t even think about that no more,” said Jones. “He got his own circumstances that he’s going through right now.”

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Later in the interview, Jones denied rumors that he was involved in Max B’s arrest, stating that he “bailed him out,” and put a “lot of money” in his pockets.

“He had a chance to be as big as Drake is right now,” Jones continued. “A lot of these artists right now that are singing, and being very melodic, a lot of that came from that boy’s whole catalog.”

Max B is credited with pioneering the melodic rap style used by Drake, Fetty Wap, and Wiz Khalifa. According to Jones, Khalifa studied Max B’s music “word for word.”

While Jones had positive thoughts on Max B, the same can’t be said for Dame Dash.

Check out the interview below.