Joell Ortiz & Token Are The Most Feared Serial Killers In “Kill At Will” Video


Brooklyn’s own Joell Ortiz and 17-year-old rapper Token transform into Hollywood’s most devious serial killers to murk their enemies in “Kill At Will.” The Slaughterhouse lyricist and viral rap star take turns slaying haters with killer bars and their deadly mics in the animated by Matt Cassaro.

“Wait a fucking minute. I don’t think you know who in it to win it,” raps Ortiz. “I spit it definitive. Ripping every lyric they spittin’, ridiculous. Listen, the kid is very gifted, like St. Nicholas on the 25th.”

Ortiz channels Friday The 13th and jocks Jason’s bloody hockey mask to murk any wack MC that approaches him. Afterwards, Token pulls his Michael Myers mask over his face and goes harder than the entire Halloween saga as he spits devious lyrics into his bloody, razor-sharp mic. In the midst of the bloodbath, a murderous sample from Big Daddy Kane’s 1988 record “Set It Off” makes their wrath more deadly.

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The visual for the song comes fresh off Joell and Domingo’s joint album That’s Hip-Hop. Cop the album now and watch the animated music video for “Kill At Will” below.