Clothing Company Inks Deal With J.R. Smith To Produce Tattoo Body Shirts


Newly-crowned NBA champion J.R. Smith not only celebrated the 93-89 win over the Golden State Warriors with tears and champagne, but the Cavaliers shooting guard decided to go topless for a few days, showing off his ink-covered chest for the masses.

The New Jersey native garnered attention from spectators to President Barack Obama himself, and now, you too can adorn Smith’s bevy of tats with a new t-shirt.

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Created by Cleveland’s Fresh Brewed Tees, the clothing company and Smith teamed up to produce shirts featuring every single tattoo permanently etched on his torso, ESPN reports. According to the company’s owner, Tony Madalone, the original sketch of the apparel was meant to be a joke, but they soon realized that they could make a profit off of it once they saw people’s reactions.

“A simple Cavaliers championship T is nice, but for those who love J.R., this will be perfect,” said Andrew Hoenig, co-founder of New Generation, where Smith’s marketing team is housed.

The tees will retail at $34.99.

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