Here Are All The Famous People In Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Music Video


He came, he saw and he freed the nipple. Kanye West’s video for “Famous” is here and he didn’t disappoint as he laid naked in bed with some of his famous pals.

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The rapper teamed up with Tidal again to premiere the video at The Forum in Los Angeles with the event streaming globally for subscribers. His previous successful live stream was The Life Of Pablo listening party at Madison Square Garden, with over 200 million people tuning to the sold-out event. After a few celebrity sightings like 2 Chainz, Rick Rubin, and the return of Tyga and Kylie Jenner, it was time for Kanye to hit the ‘Ye button and shock the world.

The video featured Kanye lying in bed in his birthday suit with some infamous celebs like…

Caitlyn Jenner

Anna Wintour 

Bill Cosby

Taylor Swift 

Rihanna, who sings the Nina Simone-sampled hook, 

Ray J

Kim Kardashian-West

Donald Trump 

Chris Brown

George Bush 

and Amber Rose. 

Vincent Desiderio’s portrait “Sleep” was the inspiration behind the final visual in the video. He also thanked his infamous friends for “starring” in the video. It’s highly likely these were just wax sculptures with Kanye and his wife, who appeared to be breathing. “I want to thank all of you and my wife, for supporting ideas and truth.” Kanye said before playing the video a second time.

So what’s the meaning behind the video you may wonder? The visual raises the idea that celebrities are worshipped by a pedestal of our own doing. There’s a reason why the rapper chose these particular celebrities. Many are fascinated by their reputations, rather than their talent. So much so, that lies and the truth become interchangeable, leaving them twisted in fame.

Whatever it is, it definitely has everyone talking.

Check out a second showing of the NSFW video here.

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