Would You Pay $995 For Sock Boots? Kanye Thinks So


Kanye West’s runway shoe line, YEEZY, drops this month on the 6th.

The shoe line is primarily made in Italy with the exception of the military boot made in Spain. The collection consists of boots and heeled sandals with very strong Kim vibes. It starts off at, drumroll please, $445. What’s the most expensive item? The long sock boots from the collection priced at $995. Yes. The boots cost $995.

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The boots are long, thigh length which were seen on Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat back in 2015 when she teased the collection. With Vetements having a boot of similar construction, just how many people are going to forego their student loan payment to cop these slightly less expensive versions?

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Kanye obviously feels that these, like the rest of his designer ventures, are worth the dough. With the homeless chic jokes slowly dying down, do you think the collection is worth investing in?

You can view the rest of the collection here.