Kevin Hart Lightheartedly Speaks Out On Home Invasion


Kevin Hart has a stacked schedule ahead of him given the forthcoming release of his latest flick Central Intelligence. So when news hit that his home was burglarized for over $500,000 in jewelry and clothes, the famed comedian had to put a halt in his demanding itinerary to handle the matter.

During an interview with “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” Hart addressed the matter in a way that’s true to his persona: with jokes and lightheartedness.

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“They took so much stupid stuff, the stupid stuff made me mad. They took a pair of my jeans.” Hart said. “You took a pair of my jeans, ain’t nobody going to fit these jeans. I’m on the streets looking, waiting for somebody to sell┬áme these jeans.”

But it looks like Hart won’t miss those items because, “It’s material things, all that stuff can be replaced.” He shared that he’s not perturbed by the incident as he continues his press tour for Central Intelligence, which hits theaters Friday (June 17).

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