Lyricist Barry Bondz’s ‘High’ Track Gives The Working Man An Anthem To Live By


We all want to be successful. Whether you’re a laborer who drives a garbage truck or a billionaire like Bill Gates, success doesn’t come without sacrifice, having a brilliant idea and executing all of that thoroughly.

In today’s music circle, it’s said that drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana and sipping lean has become a consistent focus. Whatever party line you may be on on that particular argument, it’s honestly a genuine joy to hear a track that talks about chasing goals the honest way.

Insert Barry Bondz. A Newark, NJ representer, his latest track titled “High” comes from his forthcoming The Genco Vol. II album. The motivational track talks about anything but getting high. In fact, the track which is produced by Blue Nova uses an electronic keyboard that sounds like Mozart on steroids. Bigger than that, however is the strong message which encourages the working man to get their money, cleanly, and to stay motivated in doing so. It’s a winner winner, chicken dinner.

“It’s more like a motivation track,” Bondz tells VIBE via phone. “It’s something you work out to. It’s a push. Everybody is talking about getting high. Here is my way of getting a positive high. This is for the person who doesn’t get high, it’s a play on that. I get high off the money.”

Everybody is not popping pills, drinking and smoking weed and there is positive music to be listened to. “Get high off of working two jobs; get that pay–that pay is the high,” said Bondz.

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