Twitter Thinks Lil Mama Dissed Nicki Minaj On “4 PM” Freestyle


Listen closely to Lil Mama’s new “4 PM” freestyle, and you might hear a shots fired at Nicki Minaj.

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The Brooklyn rapper’s covers Drake’s “4 PM in Calabasas,” on a three-minute track ripe with braggadocios bars.

Minaj catches an alleged sneak diss towards the middle of the track. ”You ain’t got no sons,” raps Lil Mama. “I be hearin’ you talk crazy, but you really is buns/So when you talk, talk politely. And when you tread, tread lightly/’Cause the ice gettin’ thinner Like 666, it’s gon’ be a cold winter.”

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For the record, Lil Mama hasn’t confirmed that Minaj was her focus, but Twitter is already taking sides.

Listen to the track below.