Tennessee House Candidate’s “Make America White Again” Billboard Causes Backlash


Tennessee House candidate Rick Tyler found himself in the middle of controversy when he posted a “Make America White Again” billboard. Forced to take it down due to its blatant White Supremacist slogan, Tyler later attempted to justify his actions.

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“A majority of the people in the county like it,” the Republican representative said.

When a local news station confronted Tyler on his billboard, he said he has no issue with people of color, but his intent was to remind people of a simpler time in America.

“Ozzie and Harriet, “Leave it to Beaver” time when there were no break-ins; no violent crime; no mass immigration.”

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Due to the immense controversy, the candidate had to dismantle the racist billboard on the side of Polk County highway. He then made matters worse by erecting another one, this time with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s famous “I Have A Dream” written over a white house surrounded by Confederate Flags.

Tyler is running as an independent candidate for the  3rd congressional district seat. Voters will head to the polls for Tennessee’s primary August 4, and then the general election in November.