Man Throws Feces In Courtroom After Receiving 40 Year Sentence


After being convicted of multiple robberies, an Ohio man was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Upset about his lengthy sentence, he threw pill bottles full of urine and feces he hid in his arm sling at the judge.

“Did you just give me 40 years, sir? You just gave me 40 years. Well, guess what?” 46-year-old Ricky Hand said, throwing the pill bottles. Moments after the outburst, courtroom officials were able to restrain Hand.

Gene Kelly of the Clark County Sheriff’s office said Hand committed at least 30 robberies and was out on parole before committing his last one in January. The sheriff’s office is now investigating the courtroom incident, however, many are wondering how Hand was able to sneak the pill bottles into the courtroom at all.

“This man should’ve been more thoroughly searched prior to entering the courtroom. Our policy dictates that there’s a search prior to and there’s a search after he leaves and that was very apparently not done,” said Sheriff Kelly.

Hand now may face a new felony charge.

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