Blac Chyna Gets A Lap Dance At Mariah Carey’s Concert


At this point it appears as if there’s nothing Blac Chyna can’t do. The soon to be Mrs. Robert Kardashian is having the time of her life while pregnant with her second child. Yet being preggers isn’t stopping the socialite from going out.

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Fans who attended Mariah Carey’s show in Las Vegas were surprised when Carey, who regularly brings a fan on stage, brought Chyna front and center to sit back on a plush couch and receive a lap dance. As one of Carey’s male back up dancers rips his shirt and gyrates his hips all 19,876 of his abs come into the frame. (Kidding. He only has 17,000 abdominal muscles)

When 28-year-old Chyna isn’t receiving a lap dance, she’s most likely ironing out the kinks in her contract for her new E! reality show, deciding on a venue for her wedding, going over seating arrangements, and you know… all that nuptial jazz.

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Watch the fun video below.