Old School Back: Blushhh Music Remakes A Lil Kim Classic


Matthew Knowles, father of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, is looking to revive the girl group scene in music

Blushhh Music Knowles’ new group, just dropped their new single “Old School Back.” This track features the group’s rapping duo, Sunni and Bunni Ray, interwoven with the smooth vocals of Tali over a remake for Lil Kim’s smash hit, “Crush On You,” which came out in 1996.

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According to the group’s website, their debut album Old School Hip Hop Past, Present and Future is boasted to be “filled with upbeat and mid-tempo, tracks; ones that reveal the sharp versatility of blending two passionate rappers with a sultry, powerhouse vocalist.”

Listen below, and decide for yourself if this group will rise to the bar Destiny’s Child set years ago.