Meek Mill Denies Plans To Release Diss Track Towards Joe Budden


Meek Mill isn’t interested in a rap beef with Joe Budden.

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Over the past year, the two have shared their thoughts on one another but nothing has come to wax. On Wednesday (June 29), Meek Mill’s caption on Instagram was believed to be targeted towards Budden after the former Love and Hip Hop star tweeted, “F**k Meek,” and “I have issues when celebs throw stones & hide behind fans.”

The stem of Budden’s frustrated tweet came from claims that Meek told Nicki Minaj’s fans to flood his social channels for mocking the couple. While Joe seemed interested a possible rap engagement with Meek, the Philly MC killed the idea on Instagram.

The rapper’s podcast, I’ll Name This Podcast Later, is a favorite on iTunes. He continued to question Meek’s response on Twitter.

In the past, Meek has showed little interest in a rap battle with Budden. During his Breakfast Club interview in 2015, the rapper gloated about his stock, while dismissing the Slaughterhouse member. “How though? I get 80,000 for going to the stage to do what I do,” he said. “I’m not battling Buddens. Just don’t talk about me and my girl on your podcast.”

Budden has even called the “situation” a non-story. “This is what happens on podcasts,” he said on Hot97 the same year. “You half-heartedly speak on things that might be a hot topic, right? So, the awards came on and the camera guy just showed a lot of shots of Meek blissfully smiling in love. I thought that was interesting. I thought it was funny. It was funny to me. So we joked about it on the podcast.”

The nail is in the coffin with this one folks.

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