Michael Jordan May Be A Poet On The Low


Michael Jordan is always going to be the GOAT…but in the love game too?

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Goldin Auctions has a love letter written by MJ entitled “Only You” for sale. Darren Rovell over at ESPN tweeted the letter:

The note was written to an unnamed grade school crush and is signed by Michael Jeffery Jordan. It reads:

Only you can brighten my day
Only you can show me the way.
Only you can except my love.
You and the great man above.
Only you can kiss my cheek.
When I with you I never fear defeat.
I hope you grow very, very tall.
Because right now you haven’t grown at all.
My face shows happiness and blue.
Because I will love Only You.

There hasn’t been any word on how much the letter is going for or who it’s about, but it’s safe to say it’ll be another coveted piece of memorabilia for a true fan. Grammatical errors aside, Jordan had some potential so who knows what his writing skills are like now.