The Migos Have Spoken, But Is Dabbin’ Really Dead?


Earlier this month, Cam Newton told WFZN radio’s “The Mac Attack” that he was done with the dab. Although Newton was the one who popularized the simple yet swaggy dance move, it wasn’t exactly his to kill. The dab was created by Atlanta based hip-hop trio Migos. In a recent interview, Quavo of Migos seems to agree with Newton’s sentiments.

“You gotta give everybody a new trend, a new wave, something new to do, so I feel him on that.” Quavo told TMZ. “Everybody was copying, now it’s time to switch lanes. Basically, that’s what he’s telling us.”

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The dab may have been pronounced dead, but it doesn’t seem to be going down without a fight. Sunday (June 19), after the Cleveland Cavaliers clenched the NBA Championship, a fan went to shake Stephen Curry’s father’s hand and dabbed on him instead.

It’s still uncertain whether the dab will┬árest peacefully, but Newton is looking for a new celebration dance anyway. Quavo says the Migos would definitely be down to partner with the Carolina Panthers’ quarterback while he searches for more end-zone dance inspiration.