Nick Cannon Releases Vulnerable “Divorce Papers” Freestyle


Let Nick Cannon tell it, his latest freestyle “Divorce Papers” isn’t to feed the blogs or the media, but solely for cathartic purposes, a means of clearing out mental space if you will.

“My purpose for creating this “Divorce Papers” freestyle was not to feed the tabloid chatter, or even to diffuse it. This was strictly a creative way for me to express my frustrations with the media, the naysayers, myself and ultimately with the voices in my head,” Cannon said.

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Cannon and Mariah Carey were married on April 30, 2008 and parted ways in 2015. During an interview, Cannon said he “highly doubts” if he’ll remarry following his divorce from Mimi. Carey, however, quickly found love gain in business mogul James Packer whom she’s engaged to.

Cannon says he sat on the song, which features a plush sample from Willie Hutch for about a week, out of fear it would be taken as a diss track aimed at the mother of his two children Monroe and Moroccan.

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“I was really torn on whether or not I should release it. The last thing I would ever want to do is add fuel to the fire, especially a fire that was fabricated by the press. But, ultimately I felt it was necessary to clear the air and set the record straight once and for all,” 35-year-old Cannon said.

Ultimately the creative in Cannon won and he released his single in which he speaks about a plethora of topics including dating Kim K, trying to shoot his shot with Chilli before Usher got a hold of her, his $100,000 battle against Eminem, and of course, his famous ex-wife. Yet despite it all, the ChiRaq actor claims he and the woman who still has no idea who J.Lo is are in a great place.

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“My ex and I are in a great place and are diligently moving things along so we both can continue to be happy. I am happy for her and all her new endeavors, both personal ones and professional ones. I sincerely hope the media doesn’t once again try to manipulate my words or my purpose for releasing this song.”

Feast your ears on “Divorce Papers”