Nigerian Artist Honors Black Activists Through The Afro Comb


Nigerian artist Fred Martins is revolutionizing the way we look at Afro combs through his art. Paying homage to black activists that were jailed while fighting for social justice, Martins launched the “Orange, Black and Freedom” series.

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“I chose orange because it’s associated with prison,” he told CNN. “I realized that most of these legendary activists, from Marcus Garvey, Patrice Lumumba to Angela Davis among others were at some point jailed for forcing their way to resurrect the African consciousness.”

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Martins also notes that the Afro comb, the backbone to his series, isn’t merely an adornment, but a hair tool that represented “protest against repression.” Jail mug shots capture the side view of the activists’ faces throughout Martins art, which he hopes commemorates the heroes that inspire many people today.

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