NYC Subway Commuters Panic After Reportedly Hearing Gunshots


Subway chaos ensued on Tuesday morning (June 21), at Central Park North and Lenox Avenue in New York City, where police say panic broke out causing commuters to run for their lives. Around 9 a.m., commuters on the 2 train fought their way out as many thought they heard gunshots followed by screams.

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Though police confirmed that there were no signs of a shooting, victims say they heard something that sounded like gunshots which was enough reason for them to run for safety. The New York Police Department (NYPD) claims that chaos like this incident is dangerous and was handled incorrectly.

One train rider, Lessley Rolin, says, “It’s one thing when you see it on TV, but when it happens to you it’s super scarier…” With the recent massacre that happened in Orlando, many commuters say they just ran in fear and disbelief.

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The NYPD has an “ABC rule” in an event of an active shooter that they advise all commuters to practice: Avoid, Barricade, Confront. Police have confirmed that no one was killed, but some commuters were taken to the hospital facing minor injuries.