A Former Friend Of O.J. Simpson Says He Might Confess To A Possible Murder Conviction

Ron Shipp, former police officer and friend of O.J. Simpson, has some piping hot tea to share with the people.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Shipp says that he believes that Simpson will confess to the murders when he is released from prison in Nevada–where he is currently serving time for an unrelated armed robbery conviction–which could be as early as next year. Shipp hopes that the Juice will “rid us of all the doubt and all the conspiracy theories.”

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“The guy is in total torment today,” Shipp told the Daily News. “Someone told me he is 300 pounds and he looks horrible. O.J. has always felt his appearance meant everything and now, deep down inside, he is starting to live with himself.”

This past winter, we relived the phenomena that was the O.J. Simpson trial through FX’s American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. Once again, people across the nation were glued to their televisions and were mesmerized by the detailed, and at times revealing, reenactments. With the first part of O.J. Simpson: Made in America scheduled to premiere June 11 on ABC, it seems that the O.J. obsession is consistently expanding.

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Shipp testified during the double-murder trial back in 1995, and he revealed that Simpson had admitted to having had dreams about killing Nicole Brown Simpson. At the time Shipp thought Simpson might be joking, but he now realizes he was in denial.

“I didn’t really see him at the time doing that because of my love for him,” Shipp told the publication. “I didn’t want to believe the things I saw.”

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