Should We Move Away From Films About Slaves? O’Shea Jackson Jr. Thinks So


O’Shea Jackson Jr. was recently asked how he felt about the revival of the Roots’ mini-series that premiered on the History channel Memorial Day weekend. The Straight Outta Compton actor wasn’t exactly a fan.

“All respect to all film makers, but we do have stories of triumph and we don’t necessarily have to keep getting beat up in order to triumph and end up a butler or something in the end of the series or movie,” Jackson says.

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Jackson is not the only one fed up with the popularity of slave narrative films. After he was not nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma, actor David Oyelowo has been quoted expressing his feelings that black people are more likely to receive awards for playing subservient roles than for playing roles in which they hold positions of power or leadership.

Jackson also shared some of his future goals for the film industry. “I want to get to other stories as a filmmaker, myself,” Jackson says. “There was a black man that helped pioneer open-heart surgery, you know? Where’s that story at?”

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Are there too many films about slavery or past struggles of African Americans? Share your opinions with us.