President Barack Obama Continues To “Pop Off” Unapologetically About Donald Trump


With the last year of his time in office coming to an end, President Obama has been breaking into his shady boots.

According to ABC News, while visiting Elkhart, Indiana, and commenting on the economic state of the nation yesterday, the president took several shots at Mr. Trump’s policy proposals and campaign tactics. Although he never specifically named the controversial businessman, the side-eye was not missed.

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And Obeezy was not holding back any punches. He often referred to an unnamed republican candidate, and remarked on their plans for the country incredulously. Particularly, he finds their immigration proposal to be a “logistically impossible fantasy.”

The President also expressed his belief that if this candidate were to come into power, the country would revert back to the financial crisis it was once in when he took office.

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“I’ll be honest with you. Sometimes I just don’t get it. How is it that somebody could propose that we weaken regulations on Wall Street?” he asked. “Have we really forgotten what happened just eight years ago? It hasn’t been that long ago.”

Speaking of Trump, he’s been a little busy with his “Crooked Hillary” rant, but we’re sure he’ll find time to address the president’s comments soon.

Until then:

Watch the POTUS’s full speech down below, where he shares facts about America’s economic state and potential future, if Trump is elected (see the 43:27 mark):