President Obama ‘Discussed’ Being A Part Of An NBA Franchise After Leaving Office


As President Barack Obama closes out his 2nd term as leader of the free world, many wonder how the 44th president will spend his time after leaving the Oval Office. With love and experience for the game, owning a basketball team doesn’t sound so bad for the former Hawaii basketball player and Chicago Bulls supporter.

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In fact, according to White House press secretary Josh Earnest, the president has thought about owning his own NBA team and as of Wednesday (June 22), told reporters that he’d like to be a part of an NBA ownership group after leaving office.

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Owning an NBA team may seem like nothing to Obama, but the franchise is a business that’s price goes up by the minute. Take the Chicago Bulls for example: the Bulls are the world’s third-most-valuable basketball team with a net worth estimated at $2.3 billion. As of now, they’re owned by 77-year-old, Jerry Reinsdorf who doesn’t look like he’s giving up his spot anytime soon according to his holdings. Though every team has its price, if the Bulls don’t work out for the POTUS, he can always look at other teams… after all, there’s an estimated $125 billion in the NBA franchise to go around.

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