President Obama Speaks On The 2016 Presidential Race: ‘This Is Not Reality TV’


“Do we?” President Barack Obama playfully asked when Jimmy Fallon insisted that they needed to talk about the 2016 presidential election on The Tonight Show. During the episode, which aired on Thursday (June 9), Obama reminded Americans and his prospective successors that the race to the White House isn’t about any individual but rather about the direction of the United States.

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“This is a serious job,” he said about his presidency. “This is not reality TV.”  With presidential candidates like Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton engaging in Twitter wars, it doesn’t always seem that way, but President Obama is confident that the nation will elect the best person for the role.

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“I have a lot of confidence that if the American people are reminded of what’s at stake and all the incredibly important issues that we’ve got to get right, that they’re going to make a good choice. That’s what they usually do.”

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