President Obama Wants J.R. Smith To Put On A Shirt


The celebrations have yet to cease since the Cleveland Cavaliers clenched the coveted NBA Championship on June 19. Many players were brought to tears that night and rightfully so. This was the first major sports title won by a Cleveland team in 52 years. Among those to congratulate the team was President Barack Obama. The president called Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue to share how proud he was of the team, and to talk about some game highlights, but he also had an important request: “Tell J.R. and everybody to put on a shirt.”

J.R. Smith, Cavaliers shooting guard and small forward, has been on a topless rampage since the win. He even strolled through the victory parade in all his shirtless glory.

CREDIT: Getty Images

With a body like that, very few were complaining. But Obama is apparently over it. “You can’t be just walking around without a shirt. Now Shumpert’s taking off his shirt, Now Kyrie’s taking off his shirt. Come on, man.” the president says as the coach laughs, agreeing to pass the message along to his players.

Watch the full conversation below.