Producer Detail Reportedly Sues Drake For Sicking His Bodyguard On Him


Noel “Detail” Fisher, noted producer to the Young Money crew, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against former pal Drake after things went very left in a business deal.

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According to TMZ, Detail was physically assaulted by one of the rapper’s bodyguards after he refused a job as an in-house producer. The actual incident reportedly happened in June 2014 when he was invited to the rapper’s estate in Calabasas. Instead, he was greeted by a bodyguard who attacked him. “I will beat all your a**es, including your bi**hes,” the bodyguard allegedly said. “I don’t give a f***. I will hit you again. Do you think Drake is soft? You think Drake’s a punk?”  Detail believes the rapper set up the act, which left him with a broken jaw.

Well then. The producer worked with Drake on “Own It,” “305 to My City” and “Paris Morton Music 2″ from his third album, Nothing Was The Same. Everything seemed to be going pretty swell at the time as Detail did interviews praising the rapper on the project.

He was also seen via Wild Moguls the same year hanging with Drake and Wayne as they worked on music and partied with women.

So far, neither camp has spoken about the assault. Detail is looking for restitution in the suit.

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UPDATE: 6/23/16 1:21 A.M. 

Anthony Katz, a PR rep for Detail has stated the producer’s insurance company is planning on taking legal action for the alleged incident. As of today, Detail is actually working on music with Drake and currently, Nicki Minaj.

The producer plans to release an official statement on the incident in the near future.


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