One Teen Took His ‘Promposal’ To National Television


With teenagers across the globe becoming more and more creative with the way they ask their peers to prom, this high schooler should be crowned king of “promposals.”

On an episode of America’s Got Talent, a teen named Jeremy just wrapped up his a cappella performance with a 12-person group, named OneVoice, from Memphis’ Briarcrest Christian School. But Jeremy had a little surprise in store that involved a touching scene from The Office.

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The football player exited the stage for a brief moment to return with a teapot and a note inside for his future prom date, Hannah. “You make me happier than pretzel day. Prom?” the lead singer read in delight. Jeremy took his cue from Jim in The Office when he stuffed a teapot with quirky jokes and made Pam read them one by one, Buzzfeed reports.

Check out the national moment below.