Queens Man Unaware Of $2 Bail Sits In Rikers For Months


Aitabdel Salem could’ve posted bail with the loose change in his pockets had he known it was simply $2, instead the 41 year old sat in a Riker’s cell for nearly five months.

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According to reports, Salem was acquitted of bail jumping at a Manhattan Court last week after he’d been originally jailed for attacking a NYPD officer who was arresting him for stealing a coat from a Manhattan Zara Nov. 21, 2014. His bail was set at $25,000.

Prosecutors could not get an indictment and Salem was ordered to be released November 28, 2014. However, he still had dollar bails on each of his two minor offenses, which included tampering and mischief charges, so he couldn’t walk out of prison a free man until he paid his debt. Salem was left with the cheap bail holding him hostage in prison, but wasn’t made aware until later…months later.

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Salem blames his attorney Legal Aid Society defender Stephen Pokart for failing to inform him of the eight literal quarters it would’ve taken to free him.


Two dollars. Just two dollars.