Got Them Coins: Someone Purchased A Rare Prince Record For $15,000


It’s pretty possible to get anything you want in the world. Some finds are pure luck like an original copy of the Declaration of Independence for $2 and others are done in a larger way, like the lucky S.O.B who bought a rare Prince album for $15,000.

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CREDIT: Chart Attacker

Discogs, a popular hub for vinyl enthusiasts, made the announcement Friday (June 10) on their blog. The late David Bowie’s second album held the record for the highest purchase on the site for $6,826. On April 22, just two days after Prince’s passing, a fan scooped up a double 12″ copy of the shelved ’87 project, The Black Album. 

Also known as The Funk Bible, the album featured songs like “Le Grind,” and “2 Nigs United 4 West Compton.” A week before it’s release, the singer decided to shelve it and 500,000 copies of the album were destroyed, Chart Attacker reports. The album wasn’t officially released until 1994 when the singer was under his contract with Warner Brothers.

Fans are able to listen to snippets on YouTube, but there’s nothing like the sweet sounds of vinyl.

Since it’s pretty much impossible to hear The Black Album on wax (unless ur a DJ who held on to your copy in the 80’s) you can get a Tidal subscription and jam out here.

I guess there’s no harm in pretending you paid a pretty penny to jam to The Purple One.


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